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Willingboro Police Department reminds us to LOCK our car doors and remove or store all valuables out of sight. Thieves are always on the lookout for access to unlocked cars and removing small amounts of cash, GPS units, and Ipods. 

Please immediately report any suspicious activity at vacant properties - people entering/exiting, broken windows, etc.

If you see suspicious persons or vehicles on your street, contact the Police Department and have them check it out. The house they may be casing for their next job could be YOURS.

Resolve to practice Crime Prevention daily!

Be alert & aware, whether at home or away, in public, at the office or on the road.

Dark when you come home at night? Make sure your exterior has lights that will come on at dusk. Leave a light on in the house or have one set on a timer to go on at dusk. Close your garage door and check your mirror to insure that no one enters the garage while you are pulling in. Keep the shrubs and bushes trimmed around your house. Don't give a criminal a place to hide.

Most of us think of crime prevention strategies for our homes - but our homes include any outbuildings-such as sheds. Make sure you have a heavy duty lock on the shed. Install a simple alarm that will go off if the door is opened, or hang a cowbell on the door. Take time to record all valuable tools and equipment - snow blowers and lawn equipment can be attractive to thieves.

When winter traveling, make sure you have a winter emergency kit in the car. Include the following: a shovel, sand or ice melt, gloves, first aid kit, a change of warm clothing (including socks) bottled water, food that is easy to open and eat (energy bars, small cans of tuna) candles, a lighter or matches, and a blanket. An all season emergency kit is even better !

Late night shopping? Survey the parking lot before getting out of your car or coming out of the store for any suspicious persons or activity. Have your key at the ready. Walk confidently and survey the area as you walk to your vehicle. Don't have more than you can carry and stow it in the trunk. Lock your doors upon entering the vehicle immediately. Know where the panic button is on your key fob in case you need to use it !

At the office: Does your company have an evacuation plan in place and has it been demonstrated or practiced by the employees? Working late at night? Be wary of parking lots and garages - ask for an escort if you feel uneasy or partner with another co-worker to go together. Elevators - do not get in an elevator if there is someone in the elevator that you do not recognize or you feel uncomfortable getting on with. 

Better to be prepared than caught unaware !