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President Charlotte Froman

President's Message:


“I’m so happy to have this opportunity to say, ‘Hello’ to each and all of you. Your prayers, your thoughts have helped me through what has been a very difficult time. I continue to make progress, I don’t know when I’ll see you but believe me, you are in my heart and thoughts. I do miss each and all of you and you have been so faithful. Your cards have put smiles on my face! More importantly, your prayers for my recovery are what’s really getting us through. I’m not a real religious person but I am spiritual and do believe in the power of prayer.“

“I do have a few messages to pass on; things that you have heard before! Number one: please look out for your neighbors; older and even the young. Some children are just too young to be out there playing and shouldn’t be there. The other thing that bothers me are the amount of pets that are left out in this inclement weather just to fend for themselves. If you see these pets not being fed or not sheltered properly, please notify the police department and get Animal Welfare out there to take care of this. All too many people are leaving their cats out … Cats seem to be an expendable commodity - we have ferrels in the back yard.”…

“Other than that, I don’t know when I’ll be seeing you again…. I am happy to say that I am going to IVY Rehab and last week Ivy Rehab had me walking on my own. Yes, I said walking on my own. Not for a long distance and not to be done at home but … they are doing a fantastic job! I know I will be with them until at least March…I very much want to see you and thank you all! Please give as much support to Mary Jane and the rest of the Board as you can and … 


I wish you all a very, very Happy New Year and the one thing that I will tell each of you to wish for is not prosperity, that would be nice; not money, that would be nice, too. Good health! Thank God I have a husband and support from friends… who are there to help pick up the pieces. My husband of 59 years has been an ace. I could not have gotten where I am without him.” 

“Take care, I’ll see you when I see you; hopefully sooner rather than later! Have a wonderful, wonderful new year! Bye, bye!”




Don't forget to turn in your Shoprite receipts !! If you can't make the meetings, mail them in to us at P.O. Box 834, Willingboro, NJ 08046.

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