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President Charlotte Froman

Acting President's Message:

 Hello members,

Hope all is well!

It’s supposed to be Spring, we put our clocks forward an hour and the calendar says, “April”, but why is it still cold? On the TV, they say it is gradually going to get warm and many of us can’t wait!

Now is the time to begin “Spring Clean-up” Our Public Works Department has scheduled Spring Clean Up Week from April 16 – 20, 2018.

“Spring Clean Up” time gives residents the opportunity to place bulk waste at the curb to be collected by Gold Medal. If you have metal / appliances for pick up or questions, please contact Public Works at (609) 877-2200 ext. 1051, Monday – Friday (7:00AM-3:00PM)

Just a few reminders: 

Be careful if hiring anyone to do tree trimming or yard work. 

Keep an eye on the properties around you and report any issues or concerns.

Property Inspections

Our Code Enforcement Officers inspect residential and commercial properties for critical maintenance issues, such as landscaping issues, trash, hazardous debris and unsanitary conditions.  We also conduct housing, rental, resale, and zoning inspections. 

The Code Enforcement Process

Code enforcement cases can begin in a number of different ways; most commonly a complaint is called into the department by a citizen.  Complaints may remain anonymous or they may leave a name and number so they can be contacted in the     future.  To call in a complaint, please call 609-877-2200 extension 1214.

Town Council meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. 

The School Board meets April 23, 2018 at 7:00pm. Find out what is happening with the budget cuts.


Our newsletter, The “WATCH WORD” is going digital.  We will have copies available at our meetings and we will continue to have the “Watch Word” on our website: willingborowatch.org

I was chatting with a member today and was so happy to hear her story about calling our Willingboro Police Department and how quickly they were there and resolved the issue. Thanks to our officers! Stay safe! 

As members of neighborhood watch, we are the eyes and ears of our community. Our meetings are held the last Wednesday of each month, except August and December. We meet at the Willingboro Senior Center at 7:00pm.. Josselyne Jackson, our Vice President, has set up our speaker schedule based on requests from our members. Hope to see you!

Have a safe, enjoyable Spring 2018!

Mary Jane



Don't forget to turn in your Shoprite receipts !! If you can't make the meetings, mail them in to us at P.O. Box 834, Willingboro, NJ 08046.

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