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Revised and amended June 25, 2003

Second revision November 19, 2008

Third revision February 29, 2012

Fourth revision: January 20, 2016

Mission Statement


The Willingboro Neighborhood Watch has been organized to promote the education of residents and businesses in the Township of Willingboro in areas of crime prevention and quality of life and to assist in the safeguarding of the community, its residents and their properties through voluntary activities including public information, problem solutions and addressing Township problems and concerns.

Article 1

  1. The name of this organization shall be Willingboro Neighborhood Watch.

Article II


The purpose of this organization is to educate the residents of the Township of Willingboro in safeguarding their persons, properties and community in the area of crime prevention and quality of life to keep this township, the neighborhood community as its early planners intended it to be and to make a safe, comfortable place to raise families and live.

Further, it is intended that every street in this township will be represented in Neighborhood Watch with interaction between residents, township police and Town Council and all services to this community, county and state.

Concern will be given to all law-abiding residents and will act to safeguard all living in this township. There will be no tolerance of unlawful acts with such acts reported to the proper authorities.

Article III


Section 1. Membership is open to any Willingboro resident over the age of 18.

Section 2. This shall be a volunteer organization with no financial payment to any members or officers.

Section 3. Each street will have a captain and/or co-captain.

Section 4. Each block captain, co-captain and/or designee is expected to attend the general monthly meetings of this organization.

Article IV


Section 1. The officers of Neighborhood Watch shall be a president, a vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer and a minimum of 4 directors. Officers shall hold office for a term of four years.

Section 2. Elections will be held every 2 years with terms staggered:   

President, treasurer and at least 2 directors

Vice-president, secretary and at least 2 directors

Terms to begin in January of the following year.

Section 3. In the event of a board vacancy, the president, with the approval of the board, shall make an appointment for that position. The appointee must be a member for at least one year and one who has attended WNW meetings regularly and consistently for a year (at least 6 monthly meetings); unless an exception is granted by the board.

Section 4. Any officer who is incompatible with the majority of the board, does not adhere to the by-laws, does not follow the directives of the membership and/or executive board, has a conflict of interests or is guilty of misconduct shall be removed from office by a majority of the executive board. Board absences must be reported to the president or secretary. Three (3) unexcused absences from the board and/or general meetings shall constitute a vacant seat. All matters will be kept private.      

Article V

Nominations and Elections

Section 1. A nominating committee shall be selected by March. The nominating committee shall report to the vice-president on the selection of nominees by June. Membership on the nominating committee shall not preclude any person from being a nominee.

Section2. It shall be the duty of the nominating committee to nominate at least one candidate for each of the offices to be filled and report the slate of nominees to the vice-president in time for the July board meeting. Consent to serve having been obtained from each nominee.

Section 3. The slate of nominees and nominations from the floor shall be held in September, so the slate of nominees can be published in the WNW newsletter, at which time all nominations will be accepted and recorded with prior consent to serve having been obtained from the nominee.

Section 4. Elections shall be held in November. Elections shall be secret ballot, except when there is only one candidate for an office; election shall be by voice vote.

Article VI


Section 1. Regular meetings of the Willingboro Neighborhood Watch shall be the last Wednesday of each month with the exception of August and December, when there will be no meeting.

Section 2. The November meeting shall be devoted to the election of officers, social and any other business as is necessary for the group operation. The November general meeting may be one week earlier due to Thanksgiving.

Section 3. At the regular meeting in January, officers shall be installed to the executive board; outgoing members of the board shall be honored.

Section 4. A quorum for all general meetings shall be the majority of those present in compliance with Roberts Rules of Order.

Article VII

Executive Board

Section 1. The executive board shall be composed of the officers and directors. Elected officers are expected to attend all executive board meetings. Committee chairpersons will attend as needed.

Section 2. The executive board shall be responsible for supervision of the affairs of the organization, specifying the day, hour and place of meetings, approving the programs for general meetings, presenting recommendations to the membership and such other duties as may be specified in these bylaws or directed by the membership. The board shall be subject to the will of the membership as expressed by votes taken by the membership.

Section 3. Unless otherwise ordered, the regular meeting of the executive board shall be held one week before the general meeting on the last Wednesday of the month in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, September, October and November. There will be no board or general meeting in August and December.

Section 4. A special meeting of the executive board may be called by the president or by any two elected officers.

Article VIII


Section 1. The standing committees of Willingboro Neighborhood Watch shall be the following: bylaws, membership, publicity, nominating, fund raising and programs or as deemed necessary.

Section 2. The board shall appoint the chairperson of all standing committees and announce said appointments as needed. The chairperson shall then select, from the membership, committee persons to serve on said committee.

Section 3. Special committees deemed necessary by the membership or executive board to carry on the work of the organization shall be appointed by the executive board.

Section 4. All committee chairpersons will be asked to provide a report to the executive board of their activities. All activities will need executive board approval. Committee chairpersons will be invited to executive board meetings as needed.

Article IX

Fiscal Policies

Section 1. The fiscal year shall be from January 1 through December 31.

Section 2. The books and accounts of Willingboro Neighborhood Watch shall be kept in accordance with sound accounting practices. The treasurer shall furnish a report and annual budget of finances of the organization at the January executive board and general membership meetings.

Section 3. No one may profit financially from membership in the Willingboro Neighborhood Watch.

Section 4. The executive board shall not spend any non-budgeted funds in excess of $200.00 during the fiscal year. Any expenditure in excess of this amount should be approved by the membership.

Section 5. Fund Raising: A fund raising chairperson shall be appointed by the executive board. They will have a letter of introduction and intent, signed by the sitting president of Willingboro Neighborhood Watch.

Section 6. Donations: Donations of monies by this organization may be made to any entity that Willingboro Neighborhood Watch, by a majority vote of those attending a general meeting has designated as the recipient.

Section 7. Dissolution: In the event of dissolution of Willingboro Neighborhood Watch, all of its assets and funds remaining after payment or provisions of payment of all debts and liabilities of Willingboro Neighborhood Watch shall be distributed to the Willingboro Fraternal Order of Police.

Article X

Parliamentary Authority

 The rules contained in the current edition of ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER LATEST REVISED EDITION shall govern Willingboro Neighborhood Watch in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are consistent with the Willingboro Neighborhood Watch, any special rules of order the organization may adopt, or statutes applicable to the organization.

Article XI

Amendments to By-laws

Section 1. By-laws may be amended by a majority vote at any regular meeting provided that the proposed amendment(s) has been submitted, in writing, to the membership at least thirty days prior to the meeting. 

Section 2: Once the by-laws have been amended by a majority vote of members of Willingboro Neighborhood Watch, they shall be automatically incorporated into the by-laws. The membership shall receive a copy of the changes at the next regular meeting.

Membership Approval _________________________________________________

Date Secretary’s Signature

Board Approval _________________________________________________

Date President’s signature


Date Bylaw chairperson (Vice President’s signature)















Willingboro Neighborhood Watch

Policies and Procedures

2016 revision



  1. MEETINGS: General Meeting shall begin a 7:00pm on the last Wednesday of the month, except for the months of August and December, at the Kennedy Center on J. F. Kennedy Way, Willingboro, New Jersey, unless otherwise indicated.

  1. BOARD MEETINGS: Shall be open to the executive board only and held on regular meeting days as designated by the sitting board and be no later than one week or seven days prior to the general meeting unless otherwise indicated.

  1. ATTENDEES: The general meetings of Willingboro Neighborhood Watch shall be open to Willingboro Neighborhood Watch members and guests.

  1. HANDOUT MATERIAL: All information to be passed out to the general membership will be reviewed by the executive board at least one week before the general meeting.

  1. FUNDRAISING: No member shall be involved in soliciting funds in the name of Willingboro Neighborhood Watch without the permission and sanction of the executive board.

  1. PROGRAMS: Guest speakers and programs are subject to change without prior notice.

  1. OFFICER EXPENSE: Travel and meal expenses, as set by the executive board, shall be allowed by the president, second officer or appointed delegates to attend any meeting needing official representation by said officers. Toll telephone calls, mailings and other operating expenses incurred in the performance of official duties are paid by the organization’s treasury. All bills submitted to the treasurer must be accompanied by a receipt for that item with the approval of the board.

  1. AMENDMENTS: Amendments to these policies and procedures may be made by a majority vote of the executive boar



PRESIDENT: The president shall be the chief executive officer of the organization and shall preside at all meetings; shall appoint all committee chairpersons after a review  by the board.


PRESIDENT: The vice president shall perform the duties of the president in the president’s absence; shall serve as parliamentarian and the chairman of the bylaws committee; shall maintain a listing of the bylaws to assure that said requirements are met on schedule.

SECRETARY: The secretary shall keep records of Neighborhood Watch, executive board and general meetings; shall have custody of all minutes, shall keep copies of the bylaws. The secretary shall keep all the correspondence of the organization as directed by the president: perform other duties as assigned.

TREASURER: The Treasurer shall be the chief financial officer of the organization and have the care and custody of its funds and valuable papers except for the minutes; shall be responsible for all receipts and disbursements, shall present monthly and annual reports to the executive board and membership; shall prepare an annual budget.

The books of the treasurer shall be audited at the end of the fiscal year. The audit committee shall be comprised of the trustees and the treasurer, shall report at the general meeting in February

Any and all checks drawn on any account(s) held in the name of Willingboro Neighborhood Watch will requirer the signature of two officers, those signatures being the president and the treasurer.

DIRECTORS: There shall be a minimum of four directors with two voted in every two years.

It will be the sole responsibility of any officers missing any meeting, executive or general, to request the information covering the meeting.




General meetings of the Willingboro Neighborhood Watch (WNW) will be held on the last Wednesday of the month beginning at 7:00pm at the JFK Center on JFK Way, Willingboro, NJ, unless otherwise indicated. There will be no meeting in August and December.

We welcome all captains, co-captains and invited guests.

1. Please arrive early.

2. all visitors to the center are required to sign in at the desk.

3. Please be sure to sign the membership/attendance list with your name and park.

4. There will be an information table where you will find various information pertaining to Willingboro Neighborhood Watch. Please take one of each. If you need additional copies of this information, contact the appropriate department for duplicates. All information on this table must be approved, in advance, by the executive board. 

Remember, we are a non-religious, non-political organization.

5. Meetings will begin at 7:00pm.

6. The Meeting agenda: (Subject to change)


Call to order

Minutes of last meeting

Police reports

Officers reports

Committee reports

Old business

New business

Public announcements

Motion to adjourn business portion of the meeting

Speaker: Questions and answers directly related to that subject. Speakers are subject to change without notice.

Open forum: All questions will be heard and addressed. We ask that you limit your speaking time and comments to one minute.

Please allow time for all to express their need, wants, concerns and comments.





BYLAWS: The vice president shall serve as chairman of the bylaws committee and shall be responsible for review, revision and amendments of the bylaws.

NOMINATING: The vice president shall chair the nominating committee, if not running of office,  or appoint the chairperson of the nominating committee who will then select four additional members to serve. A slate of nominees shall be presented to the board at their July meeting and to the membership at the September meeting. 


OUTREACH: The community outreach chairperson shall be responsible responsible for preparing and executing at least one organizationally funded project per year as an outreach project to educate the community of the existence and activities of Willingboro Neighborhood Watch

HOSPITALITY: To keep a list of all volunteers to be hosts of the general monthly meetings with a copy given to the secretary; to be sure all approved and necessary handouts and material are on the sign in table; to see that all sign up sheets are passed around the meeting, keep moving and are given to the secretary by meetings end.

MEMBERSHIP: To keep a list of all attending meetings. To report attendance numbers to the secretary for recording in the minutes. To keep a membership roster. Those membership rosters will be provided to the executive board  and the Crime Prevention Unit of the Willingboro Police Department. The membership lists are confidential and not for general dissemination. 

PROGRAM: Shall be responsible for preparing and executing programs. A list of the year’s tentative programs will be presented to the board for approval no later than the previous November.. These programs and guest speakers should provide information on community issues, problems and solutions. Speakers are subject to change.

HISTORIAN: Keep record of all activities of the organization and its members; including written articles, photographs and any  other media presentations. 

PUBLICITY: Shall be responsible for all publicity of all activities through the use of local news publications: TV, radio, etc.

RECRUITMENT: The Willingboro Township police Department Crime Prevention Unit will organize and set meetings for recruitment of captains and co-captains. Time, dates and agenda will be the decision of the personal in charge of the Crime Prevention Unit.