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2013 WNW Executive Board

Front row, seated: Jay Meyer, Director & Charlotte Froman, President

Back row, standing : Mary Jane Breen, Vice President; Vicki Benedict, Director; Sandy Lewis, Secretary, Director; Josselyne Jackson, Director; Celestine Miller, Treasurer; Gary J ohnson, Director; Henry Bass, Secretary 


Our Mission Statement
The Willingboro Neighborhood Watch has been organized to promote the education of residents and businesses in the Township of Willingboro in areas of crime prevention and quality of life and to assist in the safeguarding of the community, its residents and their properties through voluntary activities including public information, problem solutions and addressing Township problems and concerns.

WNW Objective

The purpose of this organization is to educate the residents of the Township of Willingboro in safeguarding their person, properties, and community in the area of crime prevention to keep this Township the neighborhood community its early planners intended it to be, and to make it a safe, comfortable place to raise families and live.

Further, it is intended that every street in this Township be represented in Neighborhood Watch with interaction between residents, Township, Police and Township Council and all services to this community, county and state.

Concern will be given to all law-abiding residents and Willingboro Neighborhood Watch will be vigilant to safeguard all living in this Township. There will be no tolerance of unlawful acts with such acts reported to the proper authorities.


Willingboro Neighborhood Watch
P.O. Box 834
Willingboro, N.J. 08046

Willingboro Neighborhood Watch Board Members

President—Charlotte Froman

Vice President—Mary Jane Breen

Secretary—Sandy Lewis, Henry Bass

Treasurer—Celestina Miller

Directors— Gary Johnson, Jay Meyer, Josselynne Jackson, Vicki Benedict


Fundraising - Paula Horvath

Membership -

Newsletter - Publicity - Jay Meyer

Media Director/WebMaster - Mary Jane Breen

Don't forget to turn in your Shoprite receipts !! If you can't make the meetings, mail them in to us at P.O. Box 834, Willingboro, NJ 08046.

UPDATE on our President: Charlotte Froman:
As stated in our WATCHWORD, here are the latest updates on Charlotte: July: Charlotte suffered a stroke on Saturday,  July 2, 2016. The stroke affected her left side; she was unable to move her left arm or left leg. She was transferred from the hospital to a rehabilitation hospital on Friday, July 8, 2016. She is improving every day. She, currently as of July 15, 2016, has speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy every day and now can move the fingers on her left hand, she's walking with supports on both sides. She wishes everyone well and is hoping to have us visit her when she gets home from Rehabilitation. Now her job is to work at her recovery. Please keep her in your thoughts.
August: Charlotte moved from Marlton Rehabilitation Hospital to another rehabilitation facility and is improving in her mobility, her independence and is working on goals to help when she returns home. She thanks all for their cards and well wishes. Right now, Charlotte spends her days focused on her therapies and is very tired after her sessions.